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Do you need a new automated electric swing gate? Do you need to upgrade your existing gate or operator, or require urgent gate parts or repairs? Automatic Security Systems have been providing a complete service for all types of automated gates including sliding, swinging and boom gates, since 2003. Our team of experienced automation technicians have the knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations. 

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OBBI External Automatic System

The OBBI geared motor has been designed according to the traditional basic concept of the ring/worm screw reduction gear. Its structure houses a motor, a gear, the worm screw and an unlocking system. The OBBI system is suitable for moving even gates with very small pillars. Voltage: 24 V DC

The operation of the motor causes the rotation of the ring and thus of the worm screw, which is contained in a compact casing made of anodized aluminium, which in turn causes the movement of the gate leaf via the front connection.

The very slim structure of the actuator allows it to be integrated exceptionally well with the gate, and enables it to be assembled very easily.

The geared motor has a considerable stroke and an opening angle of up to 110°.


OBBI Motor

  • High safety guaranteed by 24V DC power supply to geared motor
  • Very elegant and simple design
  • Electronic parts protected against lightning
OBBI Motor
  • In the case of power failure, manual operation is always possible by unlocking the gear with a key, or automatic operation if a control panel with batteries is installed.


ARC External Automatic System

If the gate's support pillars are of large dimensions, or if the wings are "out of plumb", the suitable automations are ARC models: geared motors with articulated arm motion transmission, capable of effectively solving even the most complex technical problems.

ARC is a line of external electromechanical activators available with an AC or DC motor.

This system has been specially designed to move any type of gate without having to modify its structure.

The system is very practical and gates can be motorized even in peculiar conditions or difficult installations due to very large pillars or out of plumb wings.

Its installation is very simple and can be done by fitting the geared motor to the pillar, laterally to the wing to be activated and by connecting the articulated arm between the geared motor's lower shaft and the adjustable profile fastened to the door.

The design is very essential and simple. Its contemporary colours allow it to blend in with both modern and traditional looking gates.



ARC External Automatic System

ARC External Automatic System

  • Very easy installation
  • Single solution for right-hand and left-hand leaves
  • Start-up at maximum power (MPS)*
  • Adjustable obstacle detection (ODS)*
  • Stroke with adjustable brake (DC)* *with LOGIC control panels



Elegant and refined, Luxo was born to be admired and desired.

Its modern and futuristic structure is characterised by a soft combination of round and smooth forms, it is suitable for any type of gate frame.

It has been designed to comply with the most solid and reliable DITEC mechanisms.

Aluminium, the noble material it is made of, makes it look light and clean; this feature will last in time despite bad climatic conditions.

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More Info

  • No problem in case of power failure due to manual lock release
  • Easy installation
  • Wires located in a specially designed raceway to avoid scratching, torsion and wear during operation.
  • All fixing screws made of stainless steel to be weatherproof.


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