Are you looking for a new automated boom gate in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast? Automatic Security Systems can assist with all your pedestrian and vehicle control gate requirements.

We know that not one solution is suitable for everyone, so talk to us about our boom gates and how they can assist with adding an extra layer of security to your residence or business.

Our boom gates offer the perfect solution for a totally safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping malls, as well as blocks of flats, companies and camp sites, which always require access control of car parking areas, to ensure their use to authorised people only.

Why install a boom gate?

  • A boom gate is a low-cost and effective method of controlling incoming and outgoing traffic to your property, there are many other benefits such as;
  • A boom gate offers security. To stop unwanted or unauthorised vehicles entering your property, installing a boom gate is a great way to enhance your privacy and be more selective with the guests you allow onto your premises.
  • In areas of high traffic, you can control access to your property. In central locations where parking is scarce or expensive, stop people using your land as a free car park by installing a boom gate.
  • A boom gate can remove the need for a security guard by ensuring only authorised and approved vehicles enter your property.
  • Adding a boom gate and ticketing system to your car park can add another revenue stream to your business.
  • A boom gate is a great use of space, something so small has complete control of the traffic that enters and exits your premises.
  • A boom gate can monitor and record the vehicles that enter and exit your property. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, by being vigilant and aware of who is on your premises at any one time you can prevent petty theft and vandalism.
  • A manual setting means that even if the power goes out, you can still let people out.

A boom gate that is made to order

Not one boom gate fits all. At Automatic Security Systems on the Gold Coast we know that people install boom gates in different places and for different reasons, so we can customise your boom gate to meet your specifications and needs.

Boom gates that are secure and convenient

Why not add an intercom system to your boom gate so you can identify and grant access to guests without leaving the comfort of your home or business? 

We guarantee quality

We only work with reputable brands and in addition to the manufacturers’ warranty, we provide a workmanship guarantee on all our installations.

Boom gate repairs and maintenance

Your boom gate will last for years to come with the right maintenance. Whether you need repairs or just a service, contact Automatic Security Systems on the Gold Coast, we can keep your boom gate in optimum condition.

The boom gate specialists

Automatic Security Systems are your access control specialists. When you need an automatic gate system to secure your residential, commercial or industrial property, call 07 5527 2112. Our boom gates are the perfect solution for medium to high transit environments in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

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